Keifukai is a preschool located in Hiroo/Minami-Azabu and Shirokanedai encouraging students to be a member of a prestigious kindergarten/elementary school.

Our unique team of highly qualified instructors provides advanced support for elementary school or kindergarten entrance exams. In the early childhood curriculum, we offer a variety of classes tailored to your needs, including classes for prestigious kindergartens and elementary schools, such as kindergarten and school-specific measures, intellectual education, behavioral observation measures, painting/sculpture, and gymnastics, as well as Montessori education. We also provide parents with childcare service before/after classes.

We provide thorough and friendly support on application corrections and interview practice from our experienced instructors.

We hope that our education will help your child’s future be delightful.
Never hesitate to contact us if any questions.

Thank you.

Kenta Matsushita
Chief of Elementary school entrance exam course

We only accept inquiries in English using the text method.
All classes, interviews, and teaching materials are conducted in Japanese.


*TEL – Japanese only / The others – Japanese, English and Chinese available